An Interative Slideshow Gallery created with Angular

A bright pink sheet of paper used to wrap flowers curves in front of rich blue background

Galleria Slideshow

Slideshow Galleria created using Angular. Utilize Observables, Dynamic Components, and Services to create an interactive slideshow and image gallery with responsive masonry layout, where each image can be dynamically viewed in a lightbox.

I am planning to add additional features to this project for scale and make the project more robust.

Built with:

  • Angular
  • MaterialUI
  • Sass
  • CSS
  • TypeScript/JavaScript
  • HTML
  • Figma
  • Netlify
  • Frontend Mentor,q_auto,w_700/Challenges/mctvqcomxdsv3cgawo4f.jpg,q_auto,w_700/Challenges/mkymrlgx8iroa1vxamcm.jpg,q_auto,w_700/Challenges/qiceigvygiahpmtnormu.jpg,q_auto,w_700/Challenges/ikmcmjubwxnvbwo8fhjs.jpg